Quality Policy and Certification
The quality management system for international sales of recycled paper of:

L.C.I. - Lavorazione Carta Riciclata Italiana
Viale della Repubblica, 193/B - 31100 Treviso

has been verified and meets the following standard:

ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Certification has been issued by SGS to allow tracking by clients and the market generally.
SGS is a certification and inspection body accredited by ACCREDIA.
AQSIQ Licence of Registration for Overseas Supplier Enterprise of Imported Scrap Materials

L.C.I. hold AQSIQ certificate to export scrap materials to China

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L.C.I. AQSIQ Licence of Registration for Overseas Supplier Enterprise of Imported Scrap Materials

October 2012, LCI srl is a "BIR GOLD MEMBER in good standing"

The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) is the world federation of recycling industries, representing more than 850 companies and 40 affiliated federations from 70 different countries. Its members are world leaders in the supply of raw materials and a key pillar for sustainable economic development.

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"BIR Gold Member" Certificate


The purpose of our activities is to provide customers with supplies of several types of paper material to feed their paper mills, fully observing trade legislation and general mandatory and contractually applicable regulations, with suitably economical and technically valid logistic solutions. Such solutions not only observe regulatory restrictions, but also maximize the relationship between overall benefits provided and overall costs applied. Our management has received a mandate from the company to extend the current export area for our goods to include not only European countries but also those outside the EU, on the basis of international bilateral trade regulations. This coincides with full customer satisfaction, to achieve by constant commitment and cordial constructive co-operation. Our aim is above all to continue supplies and maintain quality standards that assure operating stability for our customers’ paper mills. On the basis of this vision of our work, management has drawn up a series of working principles and basic objectives for running the company. These will be taken into account in planning quality every time the progress of our business is formally reviewed. These general principles and objectives are constantly checked in order to ensure that they are in line at all times with the needs of the market and the results the company sets out to achieve. • Quality seen as satisfaction of customers’ expectations is our top priority. Our company’s certified quality management system requires attention on everyone’s part to continuous improvement and implies constant efforts to eliminate defects and/or faults and their causes so that they cannot occur again.
• All company employees are responsible for quality results and such responsibility is not separate from that for specific tasks: we must therefore develop our commitment bearing in mind that we are an active part of a single process that takes a customer’s order through the company and we must contribute to an efficient “lean” process, each according to their segment of this continuous flow.
• Development of a culture encapsulating attention to the market is a fundamental aim to which management attaches great importance: all enquiries from the market are sorted, assessed and processed into development plans and/or specific targets for each customer.
• Customer satisfaction implies a service that first and foremost meets needs and provides quality products from the market and supplied to the customer. This must relate to all customers’ needs and include assistance throughout the supply chain process.
• Maintaining real and continued co-operation with the suppliers who provide us with the raw materials of our business is a primary objective for the company’s success.
• Our suppliers are all properly qualified and our relationship must be based on the best commercial (value/price) and operating (prompt deliveries and accurate execution) conditions; continuous monitoring of our suppliers’ performance is an important means of achieving this important aim.
• Another primary objective for our company is control over the efficiency of each sector, to pursue continually by checking processes and analysing suitable indices of performance and the satisfaction of customers and all parties involved.

The terms of our Quality Policy are well-known throughout the company.  Management is particularly concerned that the policy is communicated to everyone and that everyone dedicates attention to observing its guidelines and objectives.