Paper recycling - recycled paper and board - waste paper

Paper recycling
<h2>Paper recycling - recycled paper - board recycling - waste paper</h2> <h3>Processing - sale - selling - supply - providing<br></h3>
Waste paper makes up a large proportion of all waste products. A firm focus on increased recycling and therefore more use of previously waste paper in its various applications means sending less paper to landfill and incinerators as well as cutting down fewer trees to make cellulose.

Everyone knows that plants and trees are crucial to humanity's survival on the planet; through photosynthesis plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
Paper recycling is therefore essential both from a practical standpoint (reduced waste and raw material costs) and ethically (waste reduction and cleaner air).
LCI's mission is to make a practical contribution to these values which are so crucial to our quality of life.