RafCycle Programme

RafCycle® gives a new lease of life to waste label materials®

RafCycle® is a programme developed by UPM Raflatac to recycle and recover waste labels, throughout their entire life cycle.

In Italy, the RafCycle service is offered by LCI, the country’s leading waste paper recycling company, boasting over 120 collection platforms throughout Italy and guaranteeing a nationwide and efficient collection service at competitive costs.

The RafCycle service

Label factories
Any waste from the production of labels, scraps and moulds are recovered and subjected to a waste-to-energy process at the UPM paper mills (Scwedt and Schongau), to then be used as a fuel.

End Users
Thanks to a cutting-edge process, the post-dispensing silicon-coated backing, also known as “glassine”, is recovered and sent for recycling at the UPM paper mill in Plattling, where it is completely transformed into new pulp for the production of new Upm paper.

Progetto Rafcycle

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