• The "LCI CLOSED LOOP SCHOOL RECYCLING” project was created in 2017 to “close the loop”, working towards sustainable recycling of waste paper, starting from the consumers themselves.
  • It took a whole year to complete the pilot project, which was launched for the first time in the town of Oderzo.
  • At the beginning of 2018, the first containers were delivered to two schools in Oderzo, allowing students to start separating their waste, differentiating between paper and cardboard.
  • Each month, the local recycling company comes to pick up this material, packing it up and getting it ready to be sent to UPM Group paper mills and other partner mills working with LCI S.r.l.



  • The school   collects   paper in the specific containers provided by LCI S.r.l.
  • The local recycling company collects the material from the containers on a monthly basis and takes it to its authorised warehouse for   packaging   and   storage .
  • LCI S.r.l. can therefore send the different types of material to the UPM paper mills (e.g. to recycle white paper, newspapers, magazines) and other partner paper mills taking part in the project (e.g. to recycle cardboard).
  • These paper mills make it possible to « close the loop », producing new paper with the fibres from the used paper and thereby guaranteeing a huge saving in terms of resources and the consumption of land, as well as preserving forests and reducing waste.
  • At the end of the year, LCI S.r.l. provides each school with a   certificate   stating the quantity, in tonnes, of paper that the school produced and successfully recycled.



  • Each school taking part in the project will have their own private area on the website www.lci-srl.it, in order to insert the quantity of material collected after each pick-up.
  • The weight of the material will have a price, based on the month of collection.
  • This price is set by the official list issued by the "Milan Chamber of Commerce”, under the items relating to the two types of material being collected:
    • - item 130 - type of material: 1.02.00 - Paper and mixed cardboard for Cardboard
    • - item 160 - type of material: 1.06.00 - White paper, Magazines and newspapers
  • The price stated by this list each month will be the reference price assigned to the schools taking part in the project!


  • Each tonne collected therefore corresponds to a value (e.g. € 40.00) and this amount is then placed in a "piggy bank", which the school can use to cover a range of expenses.
  • The total for each school is reported on the website www.lci-srl.it, in a dedicated and reserved area.
  • Whenever the school decides to pay for something with the amount generated by collecting paper, it must send a specific request to LCI S.r.l. which will then proceed to make the payment.

This project represents an excellent opportunity to achieve a long-awaited revolution in terms of optimising how we use natural resources and manage waste, reducing the use of landfills and the burning of waste for energy purposes, with the core drivers being the environment, the economy and the social context. An excellent chance for lots of young students to play a leading role in this epic change, paving the way towards a more sustainable and respectful world and becoming virtuous citizens who look after the environment and Mother Nature.

Please write to us for further information and to sign up!